Policy & Cashes Statement

Our quality philosophy is to meet our clients’ needs and expectations in the provision of our services to enable them obtain value for their money. • We, at Adonaero Nigeria Limited aim to : 

• Create an environment of continuous improvement on our jobs. • Promote quality management on all our projects in accordance with international standards 
 • Boost our clients’ confidence and trust in our services. • To achieve these aims, we shall adopt the following essential approaches so as to ensure our clients’ needs and expectations are met. 
• Maintain close Management/Client contact. 
• Our Services shall be tailored to suit our Client’s needs. 
 • Protect the Client’s best interests commensurate with compliance with sound professional Practice and ethics; value for money and sound profitability. 
 • To this end, we shall introduce effective and focused training on 

TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT for our staff, Contractors and, even our clients. 

Adonaero Nigeria Limited is an indigenous Company 100% owned and managed by Nigerians. It is a company that seeks and desires not only to show that Nigerians have the capability for service delivery that is comparable or even surpasses those of foreign companies, but also to prove that indigenous firms can compete with foreign firms in the context of local content development policy and service delivery. 

 Adonaero Nigeria Limited is committed to a safe, healthy and productive work place for all employees. The company recognizes that alcohol or drug abuse by employees will impair their ability to perform properly and will have serious adverse effects on the safety, efficiency and productivity of other employees and the company as a whole. Therefore; MISUSE The misuse of legitimate drugs or the use, possession, distribution or sale of illicit or prescribed controlled drugs on company business premises or site is strictly prohibited and is grounds for dismissal. 

 ALCOHOL The possession, use, distribution or sale of alcoholic beverages on company premises or Site during working hours is strictly prohibited. 

 WORK FITNESS Being unfit for work due to the use of drugs or alcohol is strictly prohibited and is grounds for termination of employment. 

 VIOLATION OF D & A POLICY If an employee violates the provisions of the employee Alcohol and Drug Use Policy, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken. TESTING The company can, at its discretion, require all employees to submit to alcohol and/or drug testing prior to engagement by the company. The company will require, when necessary, all employees to submit to alcohol and/or drug testing where there is cause to suspect alcohol or drug abuse and after any accidents involving our operations/vehicle (e.g. collision, fire, grounding, pollution or any other serious incident). Unannounced testing will also be conducted when there is cause to suspect that an employee has an alcohol and/or drug abuse problem or is in a position where testing is required by law. A positive test result or refusal to submit to a drug or alcohol test is grounds for disciplinary action, including termination of employment. The company may also conduct unannounced searches for drugs and alcohol in company premises / Site. 

 CASHES POLICY STATEMENT Adonaero Nigeria Limited (Adonaero) recognizes the importance attached to Community Affairs, Safety, Health, Environment and Security (CASHES) in the course of carrying out any Work. Thus Adonaero views with all seriousness any thing, which goes contrary to, laid down procedures because of the associated dangers and hazards inherent with project Management. It becomes imperative that the adverse consequences of not identifying, observing, checking, controlling or eliminating acts and conditions capable of causing unwanted incidents. Based on the above reasons, the following measures/principles will act as guidelines: 

 • CASHES performance is an integral part of efficient and practicable business management. • CASHES should not and must not be divorced from the technical aspect of any project handling. 

• CASHES is everybody’s responsibility and the effectiveness of its application lies with everybody. 
• Safety should not be compromised when carrying out any activity. Activities can only be carried out only when they are considered safe. 
• The state of health and safety of all employees, third parties etc must be safeguarded at all costs. 
• Continuously strive with zeal to minimize/eliminate the impact of activities on environment. 
• Host communities are considered as stakeholders and as a result, good relationship must be maintained with them. 
• Strive to enhance security of life and equipment. • Every job can be done safely and must be done safely. 
• Termination of the employment of any Adonaero’s employee or third party’s, directly or indirectly working with Adonaero, under the influence or possession of non- recommended drugs while working or residing at any job site, water borne operations or property. 
• Smoking of cigarette or pipe is prohibited at all oil installations and construction sites. Due to the nature of our operations, coupled with human imperfections, unsafe acts and conditions abound. It is therefore mandatory that periodic CASHES audit be carried out to improve safety awareness thereby producing Zero LTI’s. Security personnel are authorized to conduct searches, up to personal effects, on all personnel irrespective of position when entering or leaving company premises including work locations. The Management of Adonaero Nigeria Limited views with all seriousness the implementation of this safety policy statement.